The Living Room Us

As part of my gender norms in relationships series, I make an effort to take pictures of my relationship from time to time to record its moods and progressions. A previous shot from this series can be found here.

I figure if I’m going to ask different couples to let me into the intimacies of their relationships, I should expose mine as well. My partner projects a gruff, taciturn and fairly stereotypical American masculine persona. The big exception to his serious “I’m a manly man” look is his long, just totally gorgeous, flowing locks. This is the last shot I got of them before they fell pitifully to the barbershop floor. It still brings a tear to my eye (sigh). So this is the last time our hair served as our common, gender-neutralizing bond.  This image is not as fanciful or daring as our last session, but it is, I hope, a more honest slice in time of our relationship.

The second shot might get a little closer to conveying the subtleties of our relationship. He is perched, lovingly staring down at me. From his height he might be in a position of power, but, hey, he also has no pants on. Really how powerful can you be when you’re cold, with your junk out, sitting on the rim of a sofa pantless? It’s its own kind of gender balancing, one I quite like.

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